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quality standards

We offer several different forms of printing, your budget and style preferences
will help us determine what the best print method is for you. 
Digital Printing

Digital (flat) printing is the most versatile form of printing - allowing us to work with a wide range of tones and colors. Backgrounds, florals, and watercolor textures work best with this form of printing.



Letterpress printing is a beautiful form of printing dating back to the 1400's using ink and steel or polymer plates to press your design into soft cotton paper. The handmade tactile quality gives it a timeless and luxurious look.

Foil Printing

Foil stamping is created in a similar method to letterpress printing, it uses heat and a steel plate of your design to adhere sheets of metallic foil to the paper. We can use foil stamping to achieve shiny metallics.


a few of our favorite custom details

Wax Seal

Painted Edges

Handmade Ribbon


paper thickness

Single Ply Cotton Letterpress Paper

Double Ply Cotton Letterpress Paper

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