It can be a daunting task to create your invite list. Collecting your guest addresses and knowing the proper way to list them on their invitation can be overwhelming at times. Below is a list of guidelines to help you navigate the process. 

Envelope Addressing:


Unmarried Woman or Young Ladies

- Ms. Sally Smith (18 and older)

- Miss Sally Smith (under 18)

Young Men

- Master can be used for boys under 18 or you can leave title off

- Mr. Steven Smith (18 and older)

Married Couples

- Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith

- Mr. Steven Smith and Mrs. Sally Smith

Married Informal

- Sally and Steven Smith


- Mrs. Sally Smith (unless you know that she prefers something different, such as her maiden name or Ms.)

Both are Doctors

- The Doctors Smith

General Etiquette:


- Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding or event, no sooner.


- Your RSVP Deadline should be 3-4 weeks before the event, no sooner.

- Never mention gifts or your registry on the event invitation, this is considered rude.


- You should not use any abbreviations, please spell out all words on invitations and envelopes (state names, street, drive, apartment, post office box, etc).

For help formatting your address list, download my excel template:

roll over to view the pieces of

An Invitation Suite



Main Invitation






Custom Postage

Detail Card

roll over to view the anatomy of

An Invitation







1  |  Host Line

This is the line that typically denotes who is hosting, often we use "together with their families" when everyone is contributing. 

2  |  Request Line

The request line usually indicates the type of ceremony, "honour of your presence" indicates a ceremony held in a house of worship and "the pleasure of your company" indicates the ceremony is taking place at a non-religious location. 

3  |  Bride and Groom Lines
The bride and grooms full formal names. 
4  |  Date, Time & Location
Everything is written out, no numbers are used. An event taking place after Five o'clock is considered to be evening, Four o'clock or earlier is the afternoon. No abbreviations are used in the location. 
5  |  Reception Line
The "reception to follow" line is used when the reception is at the same location as the ceremony and there is no time gap in-between. Otherwise reception information is included on a seperate card.
6  |  Attire Line
This line tells guests what the proper dress is for your event
(this is an optional line).